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GER Ducal
GER Javaanse Jongens
GER Lucky Strike
MAL Mild Seven Seafarer's Club
SWI Parisienne
GER Rauchstoff
GER Samson
GER Van Nelle
GER West

INDIRECT (Sponsoring etc.)

BEL Bastos Racing Team
CAN Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire
SAF Camel Party Zone
USA Camel Trophy
GER Camel Trophy Germany
GRE Camel Trophy Greece
ITA Camel Trophy Italy
RUS Camel Trophy Russia
ESP Camel Trophy Spain
SWI Camel Trophy Switzerland
TUR Camel Trophy Turkey
MAL Dunhill Cup 1999
HOL Drum Rhythm
GBR Embassy Darts
JAP Mild Seven Outdoor Quest
GER Peter Stuyvesant Travel
MLT Rothmans Snooker Grand Prix 1998
SWI Select Jazz

INDIRECT (Racing Sponsoring)

GBR Benson & Hedges Jordan Formula 1
GBR British American Racing Formula 1
FRA Gauloises Blondes Team Prost
JAP Mild Seven Formula 1 Team
CAN Players Racing Site
GER West Formula 1 Adrenaline Program
USA West McLaren Formula 1
USA West McLaren Online Magazine
GBR Winfield Suzuki
USA Winston Racing

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